María Alejandra Retamal

One day on her way home she was hit by a Transantiago bus. She stopped feeling her legs at that very moment. Her prognosis was that she would never regain movement in her legs. Bravely she resisted this fate.

María Alejandra has always been a hard-working woman with a lot of affection for her family. One day on her way home after a hard day's work, a few blocks from her family, she felt a blow. A Transantiago bus had crossed a red line, hit her and the wheel ran over her body, crushing her.

She retains consciousness at all times and remembers the exact moment when she stopped feeling her legs. Days later her doctor would tell her that she would never walk again. Her life stops.

Everyone told me I would never walk again, but with TRAINFES I am proving that I can

Months go by and rehabilitation is at a standstill. The global pandemic prevents her from being rehabilitated in a conventional centre, she is desperate and helpless - she wants to be rehabilitated!

But he won't give up so easily and makes one last effort in his quest. She meets the TRAINFES technology that allows her to rehabilitate and train every day at home. And she trains, without fail, her family supports her, her husband is there while she receives the instructions from her physiotherapist by video call. He builds her an exercise bike with his own hands so she can train. The support of her family lifts her up every day, both physically and emotionally.

All her efforts and the support of her family begin to bear fruit, she starts to feel, then to move. Her doctor can't believe it, "I've never seen a case like this". It has been 4 months since she started her rehabilitation with TRAINFES, and she is already mentally prepared "I'm going to walk again".

She is invited to the TRAINFES centre, where she takes on the parallel bars, pretending to walk for the first time without assistance since her injury. She succeeds! It is a wonderful moment, everyone stops to applaud at this incredible milestone. It will be a day that Alejandra, her family, and everyone present will never forget.