Gabriela spent years in kinesiological rehabilitation without being able to walk until she met TRAINFES.

Gabriela Saavedra is 86 years old and in 2016 she had a hemorrhagic stroke of the right hemisphere, which affected the mobility of her entire left side.

She underwent kinesiological rehabilitation for some years, but during that period she was unable to walk and her side and leg were practically lost. "My first reaction was to be grateful to be alive, because according to what the doctor told me, 9 out of 10 cases like mine die," says Gabriela, who considers herself an optimistic person who never lost hope of getting better.

I highly recommend TRAINFES and I am very grateful for the possibility they have given me to rehabilitate myself.

The arrival of her assistant, Macarena, was, according to her, a salvation that helped her a lot to continue her rehabilitation. Thanks to the work with the TRAINFES teams, she has made great progress: "I've been here with TRAINFES very recently and I've noticed some fantastic achievements. Now I can lift my arm, I can pick something up without letting go, and I can walk more easily".

Gabriela is a painter and has been able to continue her work by taking painting classes, as well as taking up other activities such as landscaping her garden.

"Considering the age I am, I can't complain. You always have to think that things can get better and exhaust the possibilities to achieve it. I recommend TRAINFES anyway and I feel very grateful for the possibility they have given me to rehabilitate myself."