Bastián Pino

Bastian was diagnosed at the age of two with spastic diplegia, a condition that compromises his strength and mobility in his limbs.

Selected as a Teleton 2020 ambassador and possessing the energy and charisma that has helped him to always give his best. Since he has been with Teleton he has been using TRAINFES to support his rehabilitation and today he trains with this technology both in the institutes and at home.

"I use TRAINFES every day, now I can jump, I can get into the shower, I can walk without training wheels," says Bastián. He would also like to play football like his idol Chapa Fuenzalida.

"TRAINFES and Teletón helped me a lot, I couldn't walk before, I would take a few steps and fall down right away, now I can do a lot of things on my own".

"I use electricity at home all the time! It helps me to move my feet and walk better".

The stimulation it provides to his muscles has greatly helped his rehabilitation and gives him the strength to do activities he could not do before.

"Walking, not falling and jumping... all this is an achievement thanks to TRAINFES," explains her father Christopher. "You have to fight for what you want to give your children wellbeing. Here the decision is made by the parents and if you want to achieve something better for them, you have to dare to try something different, so I invite you to try TRAINFES. You have to fight and be perseverant, so you can achieve what Bastián has achieved".