10 measures being taken by TrainFES center for coronavirus

From increasing remote care to taking sanitary precautions to keep the spaces clean, these are just some of the steps the rehabilitation centre has taken. 

Patients who are diagnosed with some type of neurological damage cannot stop their therapies at any moment, because it could mean a strong setback in their treatment. For this reason, TrainFES has taken a series of precautions so that people with reduced mobility can continue with their rehabilitation, either from home or, if necessary, with all the precautions at TrainFES center. 

The center is fully supportive of quarantine and all non-critical professionals are working from home. Currently, the institution is working on finding a way to perform all stages of treatment remotely, but much of the TrainFES system can already be performed at home. This is achieved after patient training. 

The following measures have been implemented at TrainFES center:

First, all patients already in treatment will be followed up virtually, thus minimizing the flow of people in the center. Secondly, new users will be able to receive remote evaluations starting March 23. And, if strictly necessary, they will be able to opt to do them in person, but with the following precautions: 

  • At the center there will only be one evaluation at a time.
  • Only the professional in charge and the patient, who may bring a maximum of one companion, will be present.
  • The professional will use a mask, gloves and disposable electrodes.
  • At least 30 minutes should be allowed between each patient to thoroughly sanitize and disinfect all implements and the room.
  • Both patients (and their companions) and professionals will be required to wash their hands before and after each contact.
  • Alcohol gel for clinical use will be available at all times.

Prior to any evaluation, patients will be informed that they will not not are not being attended:
-persons with coronavirus-related symptoms.
-who have been in possible contact with potential carriers
-who do not respect quarantine


  • All critical professionals will be mobilized only by car or bicycle.
  • Payment by credit card or wire transfer only.

For TrainFES it is very important to safeguard the health of its patients and collaborators, which is why they are already working on the implementation of a remote evaluation program, which promises to comply with all that the government is demanding in the global health scenario. 


TrainFES center prioritizes the recovery of its users with the necessary safeguards and precautions to prevent further spread. With these measures it is expected that in turn, patients will be able to continue working on their training from home.


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